Always liked the idea of a turn-based game/presentation. So I tried the experiment and the audience loved it! This means I’m going to create the same experience, but with some important differences. Therefore it is time to create a new project! I’m calling it MobTurn! First I will try to mimick the offline experience as much online as possible and I want to make it really easy to scale up if I need to. Secondly I want others to be able to create simular experiences and this means creating a platform where they can create their MobTurn games/presentations/stories.

Yes, I know what you are thinking.. Already thinking about scaling up.. Premature optimization… Right? Wrong! Normally being productive and writing performant code can be challenging, but I think Elixir will be the right candidate to prove your wrong. Also decided to use the Phoenix framework and for the frontend a React/Redux PWA. Got some crazy idea to only use websockets instead of the normal RESTful approach, but this will require some experimentation. Will keep you updated!